Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Five Major Trends in Hospitality Renovations

The hospitality business is booming like never before: the transaction volume in hotels alone is estimated to hit an incredible $50 billion this year – around 10 percent higher than last year, which in turn was more than 30 percent higher than the year before.

Needless to say, many opportunities abound for unprecedented success, provided that you stay on top of these new developments in HospitalityRenovations:

  1. Patrons – especially younger ones – are increasingly seeking sustainable, healthy, locally authentic hotels, especially. Facilities with water and energy saving systems not only save money but boost their wellness and reputation.
  1. Adapting previously non-hotel buildings, such as favorites and offices, offers a lot of interesting flavor and character, to say nothing of the tax advantages that are sometimes offered. This strategy goes well with the previous trend in creating more local and flavor offerings.  
  1. Prior to the recession, large mixed-use projects – such as those combining hospitality, residential, workplace, entertainment, sports, and other functions – were pretty popular. The trend has re-emerged, especially in urban areas, where the convenience of all-in-one hospitality models can’t be overstated. 
  1. More clients are looking for "select-service" options, such as fitness rooms, business centers, guest laundry machines, mini convenience stores, meeting rooms, restaurants, and more. Such a mix offers value and convenience.
  1. Renovations in general have become more popular, helping to meet the growing demand for higher quality and more space. The need to stay competitive is also driving hotel-to-hotel renovations, including same-brand upgrades and changes to different brands.
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