Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Tips for Maintaining Great Bathrooms

One of the strongest impressions any hospitality establishment can make comes from its bathroom facilities. Guest appreciate a bathroom that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, so is vital to find a right balance between these two needs. 

By neglecting your bathrooms, you convey less consideration for your customers – something no hospitality business should neglect. So here are some easy tips or considerations to keep in mind regarding restroom facilities:

Luxe Never Looks Old
Consider giving your bathrooms a classic and upscale feel. After all, such an intimate setting should be as pleasant and comfortable as possible. On popular strategy is to pair the cool and calming aesthetic of white with the warmth and glamour of brass hardware.

Same Color, Different Scales
Try using a consistent color scheme with different shades or elements. For example, smaller penny tiles on the walls to match the floors, but with grout to help to break up the sea of black. Just about any color can work in the bathroom if you know how to scale and shade it – don’t be afraid to experiment with different concepts! Adding some contrasting color or shape with a statement piece is a nice touch as well.

Have Plenty of Towels
In addition to adding a basket of towels or storing them in the linen closet – which is always a given – consider adding some built in storage. The shelves underneath the sink can be unassumingly utilitarian while keeping what you need close at hand. Keeping plenty of hooks and bars is a great way to optimize convenience. 

Be Resourceful
Not all hotel bathrooms need to be gleaming expanses of marble. Try working with what you’ve got. Consider the charming old bathrooms at the Ace Hotel in Oregon: they don't have much space, but they make up for it with innovation. The tiny corner sink is flanked by open ledges and storage baskets, proving even the smallest powder room can be made comfortable and useful. 

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