Friday, June 27, 2014

Our Cutting-Edge Hospitality Renovations Services

As a leading Hospitality Renovation Company for several years running, you can be sure that Jaguar Hospitality offers an incredible array of services designed to optimize every facet of your project. Here's a rundown of the amazing and innovative Hospitality Renovation Services you can expect.

Capital Management
We can create the approval actions, schedule, budget, and career planning tools needed to manage your capital projects. We aim to exceed our customer’s expectations by completing our work in a timely and efficient manner, a goal consistently met by recommending contingency dollar amounts, procuring products and services, and presenting various options to them.   

Procurement Analysis and Order Management
Jaguar Hospitality’s procurement team coordinates with owners, designers, contractors, and suppliers to establish full budget and time restrictions, ensuring that products are not only purchased at the best value, but that each project is executed in a timely fashion. Upon the opening of a client’s first order, we maintain an item listing for future reorders and prepare an itemized OS&E budget.

Personal 24/7 Reporting
Keep track of your project on your own terms through our propriety, web-based management system. Based on a secure cloud server, it is available on any device that has web access, making it easy to view for you to keep tabs on your project on the run.

If you'd like to learn more about our services, click here or give us a call at (214) 295-3574. We look forward to delivering the most streamlined and effective Hospitality Renovations in the industry. 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Tips for Maintaining Great Bathrooms

One of the strongest impressions any hospitality establishment can make comes from its bathroom facilities. Guest appreciate a bathroom that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, so is vital to find a right balance between these two needs. 

By neglecting your bathrooms, you convey less consideration for your customers – something no hospitality business should neglect. So here are some easy tips or considerations to keep in mind regarding restroom facilities:

Luxe Never Looks Old
Consider giving your bathrooms a classic and upscale feel. After all, such an intimate setting should be as pleasant and comfortable as possible. On popular strategy is to pair the cool and calming aesthetic of white with the warmth and glamour of brass hardware.

Same Color, Different Scales
Try using a consistent color scheme with different shades or elements. For example, smaller penny tiles on the walls to match the floors, but with grout to help to break up the sea of black. Just about any color can work in the bathroom if you know how to scale and shade it – don’t be afraid to experiment with different concepts! Adding some contrasting color or shape with a statement piece is a nice touch as well.

Have Plenty of Towels
In addition to adding a basket of towels or storing them in the linen closet – which is always a given – consider adding some built in storage. The shelves underneath the sink can be unassumingly utilitarian while keeping what you need close at hand. Keeping plenty of hooks and bars is a great way to optimize convenience. 

Be Resourceful
Not all hotel bathrooms need to be gleaming expanses of marble. Try working with what you’ve got. Consider the charming old bathrooms at the Ace Hotel in Oregon: they don't have much space, but they make up for it with innovation. The tiny corner sink is flanked by open ledges and storage baskets, proving even the smallest powder room can be made comfortable and useful. 

We hope you've found these tips helpful. If you need any major Hospitality Renovations, turn to Jaguar Hospitality, a leading nationwide provider of Hospitality Renovations Services. Give us a call at 214-295-3574 to learn more.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Summer is Here -- Get The Hospitality Renovations You Need From Jaguar Hospitality!

It goes without saying that the summer season is one of the most vital for the hospitality industry. From small lodges and restaurants, to leading hotel chains, every business needs attract the millions of travelers and vacationers who will be seeking their services. If you want you want to tap into this opportune moment, you need the top-notch Hospitality Renovations of Jaguar Hospitality.

Ranked as one of the Top Procurement Firms in the country by Hotel Business, our Hospitality Renovations Company offers experience in helping a wide variety of hospitality clients enhance the potential and value of their business. Our top-notch renovations are just what you need to stimulate your business, win over more customers, and offer a professional and fresh look to your operations.

Our top notch capital management service utilizes established career planning tools to manage your capital projects, allowing us to complete our work in a timely and efficient manner. Our FF&E and OS&E procurement coordinates with owners, designers, contractors, and suppliers to establish a full budget and time restrictions, ensuring that products are not only purchased at the best value, but that each project is executed in a timely fashion.

We use only the most cutting-edge technology and proven methodologies to procure and manage furniture, supplies, and other goods at minimal cost and time to you. We guarantee top-notch service that will be done within your budget, deadlines, and creative parameters. Jaguar Hospitality works closely with each and every client to meet their unique preferences and circumstances; to that end, we even offer proprietary tools that allow you to access up-to-date details about your project.

To make the most of this exciting summer season, call Jaguar Hospitality at 214-295-3574.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Save Money On Your Hospitality Renovations Without Sacrificing Quality

When it comes to Hospitality Renovations, you need a vital balance between quality and affordability. While making your hospitality venue attractive and functional is important, we know that profit margins in this competitive industry can be thin – you just can’t afford to break the bank in order to keep your establishment up to par in this demanding industry.

That’s why Jaguar Hospitality, the leading provider of Hospitality Renovations in the United States, ensures that our Hospitality Renovations Services provide an exceptional balance between innovation, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. By utilizing the latest tools, technologies, and methods in the industry, you can get the personalized services you need within the price and time range you set.

With our Capital Management service, you can create approval actions, a schedule, and a budget that will ensure savings throughout the duration of the project. We’ll ensure your goal is consistently met by recommending contingency dollar amounts, procuring products and services, and presenting various options for you to choose from.  

Jaguar Hospitality’s experienced procurement team coordinates with the best owners, designers, contractors, and suppliers to establish full budget and time restrictions, ensuring that products are not only purchased at the best value, but that each project is executed in a timely fashion. Once you make your first order, we maintain an item listing for future reorders and prepare an itemized OS&E budget for your future convenience.

You will fully involved through the process thanks to unique, round-the-clock reporting, which gives you timely and accurate reporting through an innovative propriety management system. You can check up on your project’s progress through any device that has web access, keeping you in the know about your vital project.

To learn more about how you can save money while maximizing your business’s hospitality potential, contact us by calling 214-295-3574.


Friday, June 13, 2014

The Mission and Values Guiding Our Hospitality Renovations

Our status as a leading Hospitality Renovations Company, we take a visionary approach to our Hospitality Renovations. We invite you to learn more about our firm and the principles and goals that guide everything we do – and our clients’ success!

Our mission is simple but profound: to exceed our customer's expectations for every facet of the project we undertake for them. We meet this goal by living up to our founding values of honesty, integrity, and transparency, as individuals and as a company. We employ only the most experienced, trustworthy, and professional personnel in the industry.

Jaguar Hospitality is committed to delivering a meticulous attention to detail at every stage of the project, regardless of its size or parameters. Every project is valuable to us, which is why we invest only the most effective and proven strategies and technologies. Most importantly, we hold ourselves accountable by honoring our commitments, striving for the highest level of service, and delivering the best possible value. We work with each client directly to keep them in the know about their project, and to ensue that their specific goals and vision are executed with the utmost effectiveness.

Jaguar Hospitality Services is a project management and purchasing company dedicated to maximizing our clients’ return on their capital investments by providing solutions for the entire furniture and operating supplies procurement process. This applies to variety of hospitality-related industries, including hotels, inns, hospitals, and more. From new builds or small renovations, to major refurbishment projects, you get the same level of quality every time.

In addition to our personal and corporate values, Jaguar Hospitality supports you with cutting edge technology and innovative methodologies. We’re your single source supplier for Furniture Fixtures & Equipment (FF&E), Operating Supplies & Equipment (OS&E), and many other construction-related projects and services. We even utilize an advanced and accessible 24/7 reporting system to further our dedication to transparency and client-centered focus.

Jaguar Hospitality offers the ideological and technical capabilities to make your vision a reality. Let us help make your vision a reality. To learn more, call 214-295-3574.  

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Benefits of Third Spaces Hotel Renovations

Third spaces are a big trend in Hospitality Renovations, describing a social space that is distinct from home (first space) and work (second space). They serve as distinct and versatile area for community building activities, social affairs, networking or interest groups, extended offices, and other functions.

These unique and increasingly popular spaces are being utilized by hospitality businesses seeking to attract more clients and boost revenues. They are often created through re-designed common area in order to give hotel guests – as well passersby – a flexible area to unwind, meet, socialize, or engage in other activities.

Among the main characteristics these spaces should have are:

  • Welcoming and comfortable
  • Free or inexpensive admission
  • Food and drink of some kind (preferred)
  • High accessibility, preferably within walking distance
  • Popular among regulars but great for newcomers as well
The great advantage to such spaces is that they coincide with the growing demand for great and unique amenities, especially those in the common areas of the hotel itself. Such added-value spaces make the quest far more willing to pay extra money, not to mention increases their likelihood of returning a loyal hotel patron, refer others, and leave positive reviews and ratings for the hotel online.

If you're considering introducing a third space to your hotel to increase visibility and revenue, turn to Jaguar Hospitality, a nationwide leader in Hospitality Renovations Services. We can help implement cutting-edge renovations that will optimize the hospitality potential of your venue.

To learn more, please dial us at 214-295-3574.

Friday, June 6, 2014

The Biggest Consumer Complaints in the Hospitality Industry

It goes without saying that the hospitality business is all about keeping people comfortable and happy. This is especially true of hotels, which have multiple points of contact to worry about, ranging from accommodations and services to check-in/check-out procedures and amenities. J.D. Power recently conducted a survey on what most bothers the average hotel guests.

Nowadays, Internet access is freely available everywhere, from coffee shops to airports. Thus, customers become unpleasantly surprised when they have to still pay for it at hotels. To make matters worse, many guests that do log on report slower Internet connections – another problem considered to be unacceptable in this day and age. Note that around 55 percent of guests used their hotel’s Internet this year, up from 20 percent in 2006.

Many hotel guests find themselves awakened by rowdy neighbors or people passing by in the hallway. To complicate matters, many guests underreport this issue, deicing to tough it out rather than reporting it to management. That makes it vital to be proactive with regards to soundproofing rooms, underlining clear policies regarding disturbances, etc.

Hotel Room Maintenance
This includes everything from shoddy appliances, to bad light switches, dead batteries in the TV remote control, and the like. Needless to say, such inconveniences can be very annoying to your guest, whether or not they’re speedily addresses.

General Issues of Room Cleanliness
This broad complaint included poor heating and ventilation, strange smells in the room, A/C systems that can’t be adjusted by the guest, and poor-quality furnishings and finishes. It is very hard to get comfortable when the atmosphere and aesthetics of the room is poor.

Most of these issues can be resolved by implementing the top-notch Hospitality Renovations of Jaguar Hospitality. We’re industry leaders when it comes to maximizing the potential of a wide variety of hospitality facilities, from hotels to restaurants.

For more on our Hospitality Renovations Services, call us at (214) 295-3574.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Five Major Trends in Hospitality Renovations

The hospitality business is booming like never before: the transaction volume in hotels alone is estimated to hit an incredible $50 billion this year – around 10 percent higher than last year, which in turn was more than 30 percent higher than the year before.

Needless to say, many opportunities abound for unprecedented success, provided that you stay on top of these new developments in HospitalityRenovations:

  1. Patrons – especially younger ones – are increasingly seeking sustainable, healthy, locally authentic hotels, especially. Facilities with water and energy saving systems not only save money but boost their wellness and reputation.
  1. Adapting previously non-hotel buildings, such as favorites and offices, offers a lot of interesting flavor and character, to say nothing of the tax advantages that are sometimes offered. This strategy goes well with the previous trend in creating more local and flavor offerings.  
  1. Prior to the recession, large mixed-use projects – such as those combining hospitality, residential, workplace, entertainment, sports, and other functions – were pretty popular. The trend has re-emerged, especially in urban areas, where the convenience of all-in-one hospitality models can’t be overstated. 
  1. More clients are looking for "select-service" options, such as fitness rooms, business centers, guest laundry machines, mini convenience stores, meeting rooms, restaurants, and more. Such a mix offers value and convenience.
  1. Renovations in general have become more popular, helping to meet the growing demand for higher quality and more space. The need to stay competitive is also driving hotel-to-hotel renovations, including same-brand upgrades and changes to different brands.
If you’d like to make the most of these exciting and vital trends, turn to Jaguar Hospitality, the leading specialist in a wide range of Hospitality RenovationServices. We have in-depth experience in handling all kinds of hospitality needs. We’ll work with you to ensure that your establishment is the most cutting-edge and cost-effective around.

To learn more, call us at (214) 295-3574.