Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Benefits of Third Spaces Hotel Renovations

Third spaces are a big trend in Hospitality Renovations, describing a social space that is distinct from home (first space) and work (second space). They serve as distinct and versatile area for community building activities, social affairs, networking or interest groups, extended offices, and other functions.

These unique and increasingly popular spaces are being utilized by hospitality businesses seeking to attract more clients and boost revenues. They are often created through re-designed common area in order to give hotel guests – as well passersby – a flexible area to unwind, meet, socialize, or engage in other activities.

Among the main characteristics these spaces should have are:

  • Welcoming and comfortable
  • Free or inexpensive admission
  • Food and drink of some kind (preferred)
  • High accessibility, preferably within walking distance
  • Popular among regulars but great for newcomers as well
The great advantage to such spaces is that they coincide with the growing demand for great and unique amenities, especially those in the common areas of the hotel itself. Such added-value spaces make the quest far more willing to pay extra money, not to mention increases their likelihood of returning a loyal hotel patron, refer others, and leave positive reviews and ratings for the hotel online.

If you're considering introducing a third space to your hotel to increase visibility and revenue, turn to Jaguar Hospitality, a nationwide leader in Hospitality Renovations Services. We can help implement cutting-edge renovations that will optimize the hospitality potential of your venue.

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