Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Hotel Myths

What’s the latest myth you’ve heard about hotels?  For example, one common myth is that all of your personal information is stored on those electronic room key cards you’re given.  It’s not true but it’s one of many myths that hotels just can’t seem to shake.

Another myth is that all name brand hotels have the same type of room.  This is not true.  Each room in a hotel has structural differences which means the room may have small differences, different views, yet they come with the same price tag attached.  Why would a hotel try and say otherwise?  They may be hoping a guest will overlook a bad room.  There may be rooms for instance that are smaller because they’re being cut off by the elevator shaft.

Even though it might be nice to think otherwise, telling the hotel staff that you’re on your honeymoon will not automatically result in receiving a nicer room upgrade.  Sure, it may try and make your stay that much better, but there’s no guarantee it will happen.

Lastly, it is not necessarily a better deal to book directly with a hotel than with an online travel agency.  Hotels are legally required not to undersell travel agencies yet hotels often allow these agencies to undercut them despite the agreements in place.  True, hotels are beginning to offer more incentives to encourage guests to book directly, but it doesn’t necessarily mean a better deal over an agency.

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