Friday, May 30, 2014

Simple Tips For Boosting Your Hotel Reservations

It goes without saying that your hotel relies heavily on reservations to survive – walk-ins just won’t cut it. And nowadays, you have step up your marketing efforts to get your hotel noticed. While sleek and functional Hospitality Renovations – like the kind offered by Jaguar Hospitality – will certainly do the trick, here are some additional tips to help gain those well-needed leads.

Boost Your Social Media
Popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are a great opportunity to reach out to both existing and potential clients, to say nothing of the visibility. Social media also adds an element of interaction that allows you to engage with patrons, highlight special deals, or even address feedback.

Socialize Your Hotel Experience
Optimize the power of your social media network by putting up signs asking for clients to follow your account. Encourage visitors to check-in at your restaurant, perhaps with the added incentive of a complementary appetizer. People love to take photos make it work for you and you’ll reach audiences you didn't even know you had.

Try a Flash Sale
How many hoteliers shun the idea of a flash sale on sites like GroupOn and Living Social, such groups have millions of followers and a massive subscription list, meaning you’ll be receiving tremendous marketing exposure.

Of course, your best bet for drawing in clients is having an attractive and functional establishment that will wow them at first sight. That’s why you need Jaguar Hospitality, the leading specialist in a wide range of Hospitality RenovationServices. To learn more, call us at (214) 295-3574.

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