Thursday, August 27, 2015

Top Ranking CRM Systems in the Hospitality Industry

CRM Software is extremely important.  Having the incorrect software can cost a company a huge amount of money and loss of valuable employee work time.  Despite this, some businesses still put a relatively low value on implementing the correct CRM systems.  Jaguar Hospitality, experts at hospitality project management has reviewed a few of the CRM software that is currently available to establishments in the hospitality industry.
– With capabilities including, sales management, marketing automation, partner relationship management, and customer service, this software is one of the leaders in on-demand customer relationship management.  By offering a wide range of CRM applications to small, mid-market and enterprise organizations, the company has managed to come out on top in customer service and sales.

Infusionsoft – This software offers online sales and marketing solutions solely to small businesses.  Featuring lead generation tools, marketing automation, email and social media tools all aimed at converting leads into actual sales, this company is perfect for an entrepreneur just starting out.

TeamSupport – Utilizing one of the top conditions for a successful customer support team, teamwork, this program is designed to help teams work together more efficiently and effectively.  By eliminating miscommunications, improving customer communication, and providing a platform to address client issues quickly, this software is perfect for businesses that have a huge focus on teamwork and customer service.

Jaguar Hospitality offers the best in luxury hospitality renovations and solutions like capital management, FF&E and OS&E procurement, and 24/7 reporting, in order to help hotels maintain their profits and keep their guests happy.  To learn more contact us at (214) 295-3570 or click here to email us.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

We Offer Hospitality Renovations for the Restaurant Industry

From the fanciest five-star restaurants, to the local hole-in-the-wall eater, every venue must strive be as appealing and functional to customers as possible. Few things are more personal than food, and if you want to attract, retain, and grow your clientele base, you need to give them an environment that is clean, attractive, and professional.

Enter Jaguar Hospitality. We specialize in Hospitality Renovations for a wide variety of venues, ranging from independent diners to massive hotel chains. After quality of food and service, diners cite atmosphere as their most important consideration in choosing to patronize a restaurant. So how big your establishment or what sort of food you offer, it is imperative that you keep your facilitate up to snuff. 

With our comprehensive Hospitality Renovation Services, you can get everything you to stimulate your business, draw new patrons, and offer a fresh and professional look. We work closely with you to determine your exact needs and vision for restaurant, applying proven and innovative solutions that save time and money.

Jaguar Hospitality relies on a cutting-edge network of professionals to procure and manage furniture, supplies, and other goods with optimum efficient. We provide world-class service without compromising your budget or deadline. With tools like 24/7 reporting at your fingertips, you are constant part of the process from start to finish. 

Revitalize your restaurant business like never before! Turn to one of the nation’s leading and most experienced Hospitality Experts. Contact Jaguar Hospitality at (214) 295-3574 to learn more.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Our Cutting-Edge Capital Management Means Affordable Yet Premium Services

As one of the nation’s leading experts in Hospitality Renovations, Jaguar Hospitality has always strived to be on the cutting-edge of service. We know full-well that most hospitality businesses operate within strict budgets, even in the event of necessary but often costly remodeling work. That is why we take steps to make our renovations affordable and timely without breaking the bank or compromising quality.

To this end, one of our most essentially Hospitality Renovations Services is Capital Management. This entails implementing specialized tools to administer your capital projects with optimal efficiency. Through the creation of approval actions, schedules, and project budgets, clients are guaranteed a structured and predictable outcome – e.g. a project done on time, within budget, and at (if not beyond) your expectations.

Through the recommendation of contingency dollar amounts, the procurement of necessary products and services, and the laying out of several options for you to choose, Jaguar ensures that your hospitality projects reflect your precise vision, without cost overruns or other unwelcome surprises. Our experienced team of professionals cover every step of this vital process, allowing you to continue running your business while we handle the intricate details on your behalf.

Capital Management is just one of several key ways we deliver cost-effective and premium renovations to our clients across the U.S. To learn more about what Jaguar can do for you, contact 214-295-3574.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Tips on Hotel Re-branding

The re-branding process is quite overwhelming if not done correctly.  The planning, strategizing, and marketing stages can be complex, but there are important to complete an effective and efficient rebranding campaign.  The most significant thing that hotel owners must remember is the campaign needs to include the associates running the hotel and communicate how the new hotel will make the guests and patrons feel.  Additionally rebranding the hotel is a wonderful way to rejuvenate sales and upgrade the way the hotel is seen.  Jaguar Hospitality, leaders in luxury hospitality renovations and project management, has employed the expertise of their associates to bring some tips and ideas that can help to accurately rebrand a hotel for maximum results.

The first step is the most obvious but probably the hardest.  Before a hotel can be rebranded, all instances of the old brand need to be removed.  Have old signage thrown away, ensure the previous name is gone from all marketing and office materials, change the website and website address to the new name, and cease associates from using all of the old promotional materials.  Some of these ideas may seem extreme, but it is essential for the rebrand campaign to work.

Although it is a fact, rebranding does not work for every business, as the rebranding campaign is different for every situation.  There are things hotel owners and managers can do that will significantly higher their chances that their campaign will be a success.  One of these things is be prepared for an initial drop in profits, which can be helped by considering closing the hotel temporarily.  While there will not be any more booking sales, a break can help balance the finances, meaning the limited daily upkeep costs will be significantly lower, offsetting the lower booking sales.

Jaguar Hospitality brought this update to you.  The company offers the best hospitality project management solutions like Capital Management, FF&E and OS&E Procurement, and 24/7 Reporting, in order to help hotels maintain their profits and keep their guests happy.  To learn more contact us at (214) 295-3570 or click here to email us.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A Quick Rundown of Our Cutting-Edge Hospitality Renovation Services

Our status as a top Hospitality Renovations Company in the country is owed the comprehensive and innovative nature of our Hospitality Renovations. Working with some of the industry’s finest professionals and specialists, we utilize the latest technologies and strategies to ensure that every job is done with optimal timeliness, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency. Here are just a few of the top-notch solutions we offer:
Capital Management
Jaguar creates the approval actions, schedule, budget, and career planning tools necessary for efficiently managing your capital projects. By recommending contingency dollar amounts, procuring products and services, and presenting various options to clients, we can offer bespoke renovations to fit your budget and timeframe.
Procurement Analysis and Order Management
Our procurement team coordinates with owners, designers, contractors, and suppliers to establish full budget and time restrictions, ensuring that products are not only purchased at the best value, but executed in a timely fashion. Once you open your first order, we maintain an item listing for future reorders and prepare an itemized OS&E budget. This saves time, money, and hassle.
Accessible 24/7 Reporting
Jaguar operates with full transparency and accountability, keeping you in the know about your project. You can track the progress of our renovations through a proprietary system accessible via our website. Located secure cloud server, it is available on any device that has web access, making it easy to view for you to keep tabs things on the go.
These are just some of the cutting-edge services we proudly offer to each and every client. To learn more about what Jaguar Hospitality can do for your business, click here or call (214) 295-3574. We look forward to delivering the most streamlined and effective Hospitality Renovations the industry has to offer.  

Monday, August 10, 2015

Four Things to Keep in Mind When Renovating a Hotel

The process and steps involved in any type of renovation project can be overwhelming to even the most experienced project manager.  However, no matter how inundating the renovation experience is, a good project manager knows how to stay on task.  Below are a few things to keep in mind when undergoing a renovation project, no matter how big or small.

Number 1: Planning is key – It is important to make sure that every task involved with the project is outlined fully.  That means coming up with “what if” scenarios, as well as ensuring all materials related to each task are properly stated.

Number 2: Fixtures are Important – Do not skimp on the fixtures.  While high-end, quality fixtures can seem quite expensive, not investing in this important feature can cost the hotel in the future in terms of lower guest visits and room bookings.

Number 3: Budgeting is necessary – Having a clear budget is the difference between the renovation being a success or a costly failure.  It is critical that the project managers, contractors, and owners are on the same page in regards to how much the project should cost.  Many wonderful project management software programs are available with helpful budgeting templates.

Number 4: The little details matter – Guests notice everything, and when undergoing a renovation project, so should the project managers and owners.  When a hotel is updated, guests expect a “Wow” factor, and it is the responsibility of everyone involved in the project to ensure that happens.

Jaguar Hospitality, a leader in hospitality renovations, brought this update to you.  To learn more about their luxury hospitality renovations and project management services, contact them at (214) 295-3570.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Different Types of Project Management Tools

Good project management is key to ensuring your renovation project is a success.  The contractors at Jaguar Hospitality are leaders in luxury hospitality renovations and project management.  By utilizing the expert experience of their associates, they are able to complete luxury hotel renovations easily.  Below is some common project management tools used during a renovation:

Event chain diagram
: This diagram shows the relationships between events and tasks and how each of the events effect each other.

Gantt chart
: A type of bar chart that illustrates a project schedule, with the main function being to illustrate the start and finish dates of the terminal and summary elements of a project.

Project plan:  A formal document used to guide both project execution and project control.

Project management software:  A type of software that includes scheduling, cost control and budget management, resource allocation, collaboration software, communication, quality management and documentation or administration systems, used to deal with large, complex projects.

Risk register:  A commonly used tool in project management for defining and planning for any organizational risk assessments.

Project Management Schedules: A list of the project’s terminal elements with intended start and finish dates.

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
: A tool used to define and organize a project’s core elements so that the entire work scope is properly outlined.

What tools do you use for your project management needs?  Jaguar Hospitality is ready to offer the best hospitality project management solutions like Capital Management, FF&E and OS&E Procurement, and 24/7 Reporting, in order to help the hotel maintain the profits and the guests happy. To learn more about the Hospitality Renovations contact us at (214) 295-3570 or click here to email us.