Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Hospitality Industry Expert Declares 2014 “The Year of the Bathroom”

Though they may not have all the glamour of lobbies or hotel rooms, bathrooms are a vital component of any hospitality establishment. No longer just “needs-only” spaces, they offer a terrific opportunity to improve a company’s reputation through additional amenities and branding.

That’s the conclusion of Anne Flaherty, senior project designer at Getty's, who made the following observation regarding this trend:

“We are receiving requests from simple renovation techniques, such as updating a finish package, converting tubs to showers, improving lighting, and creating a more impactful art experience, to larger-scales projects that fully deconstruct the idea of the rigid bathroom to open into the guest room complete with extravagant fixture upgrades,” she says. "Guests respond positively to bathroom environments that look and feel fresh and new. The bathroom is such a tactile area, and guests seem to really focus on the details of a bath package."
Furthermore, bathroom designs are getting a boost through a wide and growing selection of stylish and functional fixtures; faucets, tubs, sinks, shower heads, above-the-sink shelving, lighting systems, and illuminated mirrors with blue tooth capabilities are all being improved-upon to offer the best of both elegance and convenience.

In short, you can’t neglect to enhance the hospitality potential of your bathrooms, anymore than you can overlook the importance of an appealing and comfortable lobby, waiting room, dinning area, and other guest-centered space.

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