Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Some Hospitality Renovations For Your Lobby and Common Areas

As one of the nation's leading Hospitality Renovations Company, we know a thing or two about how to create attractive and functional spaces for your customers. More than any other industry, hospitality businesses – such as hotels, lodges, restaurants, and even medical facilities – need attractive and comfortable spaces that will help bring business and boost your reputation among clients.

That’s why we're happy to offer four low-cost, fairly simple Hospitality Renovations that will attract new guests, build loyalty, and generate positive reviews and referrals among your clientele base.

1. Create Multi-Purpose Micro-Lounges
Sometimes, you don’t have to remodel an entire room or floor to boost your hospitality potential. Just creating simple but comfortable social areas within a lobby can be an effective, low-cost alternative. Use mini-seating areas or benches with some access to help facilitate family gathers, business meetings, or even computer use.

For an extra bonus, you can turn these micro-lounges into a space where guests can enjoy a cocktail before going out or to your restaurant. It can be a great relaxation station for when they’re coming and going to their rooms, too.

2. Provide A Food Stop
Consider adding a mini grab-and-go marketplace, coffee corner, or wine bar to your lobby or common area. They tend to require little space, energy, and upkeep while providing an attractive and courteous service to your patrons (and may entice passersby to check out your establishment.

3. Add Some Distinct Local Character
Every community has its own local food, beverage, or cultural scene – so why not reflect that in your business? Add some local ambiance to your hotel lobby to make it unique and attractive. Try displaying the work of local artists, offering local craft beers and wines, or even featuring live music. You’ll be helping your community while leaving a lasting impression on customers.

4. Promote Convenience
The check-in process is pretty much the first impression your customers get regarding your business, so try making it as simple and streamlined as possible. Tablets and smartphones often feature special apps for just this purpose. Try including digital coupons for use in your hotel’s restaurants, bars and other guest amenities.

These are just some of the many fairly simple and accessible solutions available to boost the success of your hospitality establishment. Of course, they can all be made simpler with the help of a cutting-edge, experience firm like Jaguar Hospitality. We've helped all kinds of businesses implement innovative and effective renovations to help them prosper. Give us a call at (214) 295-3574 to learn more.  

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