Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Learn more about Jaguar Hospitality Services

At Jaguar Hospitality we are prepared to give excellent service to all of our clients, as the leading company dedicated to maximizing your hotel, restaurant, and healthcare clients return, in addition we provide solutions for the entire furniture and operating supplies procurement process for new builds or small to major refurbishment projects. Learn more about our Hospitality Renovations.

Our services were created according to the company’s mission to exceed our customer’s expectations for every facet of the project. The capital planning tools were established to manage the capital projects and achieve all goals. Jaguar Hospitality creates the approval actions, the schedule, and the budget.

The OS&E Procurement is the way to determine what is needed for the project’s first opening order. And the FF&E Procurement ensures that the products are purchased at the best value. In addition 24/7 reporting service is designed to give our clients access to the report online in any moment of the day, this unique reporting system is easily accessed through a web service.

Over the years, Jaguar Hospitality has worked with international and national hotel chains to keep them up to date with the dynamic and fast-growing industry, like Hilton Dallas Lincoln Centre, Omni Tucson National Resort, Hotel Duval, Marriott River Center, and more.

For more information about our extraordinary hospitality renovation services like FF&E and OS&E Procurement and the 24/7 reporting contact Jaguar Hospitality at (214) 295-3570 or click here to email us.

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