Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Hotel Guests Wants Luxury and Sustainability

The United States is an important destination for travelers from all over the world which is why it’s important to keep innovating with quality Hospitality Renovations, in order to fulfill new requirements and advance with technology. Booking.com created a survey where they asked 32,000 travelers from 16 countries about the reasons to choose one hotel, and hotel guests want luxury and sustainability.

According to the survey made by Booking.com an estimated 52% of global travelers indicate that they are more likely to choose a hotel and destination based on its social or environmental mental impact, meaning that travelers are three times more likely to book an environmentally-friendly accommodation.

 In addition 50% of travelers are more likely to book luxury hotels. The webpage suggested there could be a connection between luxury and sustainable travel. While these respondents seem interested in sustainable travel that does not mean they would actually book these accommodation types en mass.

 74% of the Brazilians reported they were most interested in sustainable travel, but 36% of Danish and 39% of Dutch said their plans would be influenced by a hotels’ potential social or environmental impacts. Also Australians and Americans were among the world’s top sustainable travel intenders. 

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