Thursday, September 3, 2015

Why A Renovation Project Can Fail

Recently, there has been an increase in hotel visits, mainly because the business travel culture is gaining traction and more individuals are choosing to go on vacations, and as a result, some establishments have found themselves caught unprepared for the sudden influx of patrons.  Additionally, some of the owners that have decided to prepare for this great turn of events, have found that while they were prepared for visitors, they weren’t prepared for what that mean for the hotel building.  Owners and managers of hotels must be aware of the factors that can cause a potential profitable renovation into a disaster.  Below are a few things that hotel proprietors should be aware of when undergoing a hotel renovation.

Hint #1: Always hire the right people – Renovation and remodeling projects are expensive and complex.  Hiring unprofessional or unqualified individuals can be detrimental to an upgrade plan, costing the owner thousands, sometimes-even millions, of dollars, in revenue.  It is important to ensure that the people hired to complete a project are certified and professionals in the task they were contacted to complete.

Hint #2: Understand trends and target market likes – One big mistake owners make when outlining a renovation or remodel project, is not fully understanding the target market they are going for.  Even if the target market is being updated or re-evaluated, it is highly important to research what that particular market likes in a vacation destination.  Not knowing this valuable information is not only a costly mistake, but also is a discourtesy to all current and future guests of the establishment.

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