Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Dealing with Hotel Renovations

With the economy in a better state, hotel renovations are increasingly common as many hoteliers are taking advantage of the upswing in bookings to make improvements and additions, especially with the holidays fast approaching.  In most cases, a hotel undergoing renovations will usually have minor inconveniences like a bit of construction noise or a pool that may be temporarily closed, but what happens if the renovations are more extensive?  What if the hotel's major facelift involves not only construction but a complete change in ownership after making a reservation? In this latter scenario, your best option may be to reach out to the former owners and see if they can still honor your reservation.  In the former, it can all wildly depend.

Hotel renovations affect the hotel manager arguably just as much as the guest.  The last thing a manager wants to do is to turn away a guest because there are no rooms available due to construction.  Taking too long to report a noise as a guest can also reduce the odds of being moved to a different room.  Should the noise or construction be extreme that a room simply cannot be stayed in, a reputable hotel will usually offer to cover the cost of at least one night.

A great way to avoid dealing with the inconveniences of hotel renovations is to take advantage of social media.  While the hotel itself may try and keep its construction under wraps, guests are more than willing to share their experiences.  A simple phone call to the hotel before arriving can also prove beneficial.

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