Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Using TripAdvisor to Boost Your Hotel’s Revenues

Among the best social websites for travelers is TripAdvisor. The website has become a wildly popular resource for those searching for reviews from unbiased customers on hotels, restaurants, attractions and more. Top-rated hotels are often highly sought after by travelers and have high-occupancy rates. Since it is seen as a valuable resource to those searching for things to do while on vacation, it is important to know how you could use TripAdvisor to your benefit.

Listen to User Feedback
Very few people fill out comment cards to hotels. Instead, they take their opinions to the internet. TripAdvisor reviewers then to be very honest about their experiences at your hotel, often times brutally so. You should attention to the complaints that users have and address them personally (hotel management can publicly respond to a guest’s concerns on the website). 

Check Your Ranking and Compare to Other Properties
TripAdvisor ranks hotels based on user ratings and ratings are grouped together regardless of whether you’re a motel or luxury hotel. This makes the playing field level for everyone, meaning an affordable hotel with great service and amenities can take on ultra-luxury hotels if more people leave satisfied. Compare yourself to other hotels and see what they are doing better.

Carry Out Changes
After evaluating your competition and looking through user comments, look at how you can personally improve your hotel. For example, if there are a lot of complaints about dated decor, consider Hospitality Renovations or if there’s many comments about poor service from particular staff members, reprimand or fire these bad eggs. You may not be able to address every issue but look for critical issues that should be addressed immediately but also look for small ways to improve as sometimes it is the small things that customers remember most.

Not every issue you will address as a result of your TripAdvisor research will result in needing to spend money but some undoubtedly will. Particularly if you need Hospitality Renovations, it’s important to know that your dollar is well spent. At Jaguar Hospitality, we ensure to provide the best bang for your buck with highly trained professionals who will guide you through the process of updating your hotel. If you want to learn more about our Hospitality Renovation Services, go to

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