Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Will Robots Replace Human Concierge?

Concierge is a standard feature at just about any upscale hotel or condominium.  Someone is always available to speak to should you wish to perhaps book a flight, reserve a limo, or make reservations at the local dining hotspot everyone’s been talking about.  Usually, when you’re doing this, you’re speaking to a human, but have you ever heard of a robot concierge?  That’s where one hotel is taking a unique approach.

Over at the Hilton Hotel in McLean Virginia, the concierge isn’t human at all.  She is a robot that goes by the name of Connie, named after the Hilton chain’s founder Conrad Hilton.  The two and a half foot tall robot will happily respond to dozens of questions you may need answers to, allowing the front desk to concentrate on other matters instead of having to answer common questions asked by numerous guests.

Connie is able to respond to natural language questions and is even capable of understanding multiple languages beyond English.  To enhance understanding, the robot can also move its head and limbs to make gestures.  For the time being, Connie is limited solely to this Virginia hotel, but depending on how well she performs, it could mean that robots will eventually be the ones making those reservations or taking care of room service requests for you instead of a human being.

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