Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Check Out Our Gallery To See What We're Capable Of!

As a world-class Hospitality Renovations Company, Jaguar Hospitality takes tremendous pride in the quality of our work. That is why we are more than happy to share the many successful Hospitality Renovations Projects we have completed all across the nation in our  Projects page.

As you can see from just this sample alone, both our experience and technical capability are vast. From hotels and resorts, to professional centers and medical facilities, we managed to give each of our clients a beautiful and fresh new look. As you’ll plainly see in these vivid images, we didn't skimp on providing the best quality furniture, finishes, fixtures, and installments available. In fact, we gave each client the highest quality goods at the most affordable price while still meeting their project deadlines.

That’s because Jaguar Hospitality takes an innovative and meticulous approach to every client’s need, utilizing only the most advanced and effective tools in the industry in order to provider cost-effective services.

For example, our cutting-edge capital management service creates the approval actions, schedule, budget, and planning tools to manage your capital projects. BY recommending contingency dollar amounts, procuring products and services, and presenting various options to our clients, giving them more bang out of every buck.

We coordinate with trustworthy owners, designers, contractors, and suppliers to establish full budget and time restrictions, ensuring that products are not only purchased at the best value, but that each project is executed in a timely fashion. Upon the opening of a client’s first order, we maintain an item listing for future reorders and prepare an itemized OS&E budget.

So if you want renovations that are functional, attractive, and cost-effective, turn to Jaguar Hospitality. Our track record clearly speaks for itself! Give us a call at 214-295-3574 to learn more. 

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