Friday, March 14, 2014

Jaguar Hospitality Works Closely With Clients to Deliver Personalized Service

One of the main reasons we remain a leading Hospitality Renovations Company is our meticulous attention to detail with regards to our clients’ needs. In addition to utilizing the most advanced technologies and strategies in the industry, Jaguar Hospitality takes special care to work closely with each and every client in order to deliver the most effective and optimal service imaginable.

When you work with our firm to improve your hospitality establishment – whether it’s a hotel, lodge, restaurant, or healthcare facility – you’re forging a partnership that will be fruitful to your exact objectives and expectations. Our experienced and professional staff will learn about what you need and develop a customized strategy to ensure that your goals are met in the timeliest, most cost-effective, and most efficient way possible.

Jaguar Hospitality uses proven and established capital planning tools to manage your capital projects. We create the approval actions, the schedule, and budget. By recommending contingency dollar amounts, procuring products and services, and presenting options to our clients, we ensure work is completed on time and in budget, exceeding our client's expectations.

Meanwhile, our FF&E Procurement process ensures that your products are purchased at the best value possible. We coordinate with owners, designers, contractors, and suppliers to complete each project within the budget and time-frame we’ve worked out with you. We source, bid and execute each item, ensuring timely installation.

Furthermore, Jaguar Hospitality gives you full access to every process of your project, operating with the utmost transparency and communication. All of our services are accessible through our safe and secure website,, allowing you to see detailed and up-to-date reports 24/7 through any device with mobile access. That means you’re always in the know about how your project is going and can always give us feedback or inquiry as needed.

Needless to say, this approach guarantees efficient and streamlined Hospitality Renovations that no other company can match. To learn more, call (214) 295-3574.

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