Friday, December 20, 2013

Spruce Up Your Hospitality Space for the Holidays

As the guests start to spill in for the Holidays, and as the impact of technology is increasingly making its mark in the industry, hotel owners in the United States are increasing their spending on improvements to their properties this year, upgrading guest rooms, restaurants, technology and other amenities. TripAdvisor has recently revealed that, according to a poll, 85% of travelers take their smart phones with them on vacation. The article states that the “TripBarometer survey polled travelers from 22 different countries around the world¹ on mobile and social trends. The survey found that nearly two-thirds of U.S. travelers (61%) report using social media while on vacation. Forty-six percent (46%) of that group—nearly half of the travelers who use social media—cited a fear of missing out on news from their friends and families as a reason for staying connected.”

Also, travelers now expect to find hotel rooms equipped with the same amenities that they have at home, whether it is a flat-screen television, Wi-Fi or broadband Internet access, said Steven Kent, lodging analyst at Goldman Sachs. What does this mean for your hotel? Well, the same article also indicated that “more travel industry professionals will leverage technology to engage consumers in 2014, as 53 percent (53%) of global hoteliers and 46 percent (46%) of U.S. hoteliers plan to expand their mobile offerings. That's up from 36 percent (36%) of worldwide hoteliers and 37 percent (37%) of American hoteliers who say they prioritized mobile marketing this year.”

There is no doubt that marketing your hotel is important, and to make your brand standout, you need to make your hotel stand out. Keeping your hotel pristine, upgraded, and looking new and luxurious is pivotal. For your next Hotel Renovations project, trust the whole process to Jaguar Hospitality. We are a project management and purchasing company dedicated to maximizing our clients’ return on their capital investments by providing solutions for new builds or small to major refurbishment projects.

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